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Exposure to harmful chemicals can happen all at once during a chemical spill or slowly over time in the workplace. These chemicals, which can be a danger to people and the environment, can end up in the air, soil or water that people come in contact with every day. Whether you were exposed to toxic substances at work or through contamination in your local environment, this exposure can result in disease or injury. At Smouse & Mason, LLC, we investigate cases of toxic exposure on your behalf, and we help get fair compensation for your injuries.

What is a toxic tort claim?

Exposure to toxic chemicals can show up in many ways in the human body, from causing cancers and rare blood diseases to birth defects, mesothelioma and death. There are also the more common illnesses that you might not immediately associate with toxic exposure, such as learning disabilities in children, chronic respiratory problems and other health challenges that can be directly related to sustained exposure to harmful chemicals. When you have received the diagnosis of a rare, deadly disease after years and even decades of exposure to harmful chemicals, we represent you and we hold the negligent parties responsible for your injuries and losses.

Examples of toxic torts

Toxic torts tend to involve large numbers of individuals taking action against huge corporations, so they are often handled as a class action. Whether it’s representing a class action made up of employees who were exposed in the workplace or an individual who has been harmed from taking a dangerous drug, we use our knowledge of this complex area of the law to obtain favorable settlements for our clients.

Here are some examples of the source of toxic torts:

  • Environmental chemical exposure. Air, water, soil contamination by arsenic, pesticides, chemical spills, hazardous waste dumping, brown fields and other contaminated places
  • Occupational exposure to toxic substances. Asbestos, poor indoor air quality, mold, radiation, solvents, benzene, lead, vinyl chloride and coal tar pitch
  • Residential exposure. Asbestos exposure, mold contamination, off-gassing of the hazardous chemicals found in building materials and other contaminants found in the home

The discovery that you have been poisoned from exposure to hazardous chemicals can be frightening and infuriating. At Smouse & Mason, LLC, we find the negligent parties and hold them responsible.

What can a toxic torts attorney do for you?

As attorneys with experience in handling toxic tort cases, we understand both the science and the regulations that govern occupational and environmental exposure to harmful chemicals. We have access to a team of environmental scientists, medical professionals and investigators that work to prove the origin of your illness or injury. We win compensation on your behalf for medical expenses now and in the future, lost wages and possibly diminished future earning capacity.

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