Skillful Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Provide Strong Counsel

Assertive firm handles negligence cases for plaintiffs throughout Maryland

Finding the right personal injury lawyer is crucial to obtaining all of the compensation that you deserve. When making your decision, nothing is more important than retaining a firm with an established track record of success. At Smouse & Mason, LLC, our attorneys have 100 combined years of experience fighting on behalf of Maryland plaintiffs against the negligent parties who have harmed them. With office in Annapolis, we’ve overcome the odds and defeated powerful opponents in all types of cases, such as auto accident litigation, medical malpractice actions and toxic torts. Regardless of how difficult your situation seems, we are here to give you the seasoned advice and exceptional advocacy that you deserve.

Experienced advocates pursue justice for numerous types of claims

In the Baltimore area and across the state, our lawyers handle a full range of personal injury cases, including matters relating to:

  • Auto accidents — Maryland law allows auto accident victims to seek compensation under their own policy or pursue relief from the at-fault driver. This can be accomplished through a lawsuit or a third-party claim filed with the carrier for the driver responsible for the collision. We will walk you through each option so you have the greatest opportunity to collect fair payment in a prompt manner.
  • Medical malpractice — Unlike other types of harm, medical malpractice can be difficult to prove, even in extreme cases. Our lawyers know how to marshal the proper medical and expert evidence to determine if professional standards of care were breached and that breach led to your injury.
  • Toxic torts — Chemical contamination and other types of toxic damage can hurt you even before you realize a threat exists. In cases involving workplace and home exposure, our litigators have obtained major victories for affected individuals.

Our firm battles to alleviate the negative impact that someone else’s negligence has had on you and your loved ones. Even if you are not sure if a legal claim exists, we can outline your options during a free initial consultation.

Knowledgeable attorneys litigate actions arising from birth injuries

Medical negligence during the childbirth process can trigger lifelong problems for the infant victims and their families. Conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s palsy and brachial plexus injuries often lead to excessive medical bills and rehabilitation costs. We bring the necessary legal and medical expertise to these complicated matters to reach a resolution that fairly compensates the injured children and the parents who must take care of their needs.

Accomplished lawyers hold makers of defective products accountable

If you’ve been hurt because a household product or some other device did not work correctly, our firm has the ability to secure appropriate legal relief. We have a successful track record taking on large corporations, and we press to find the flaw that led to the harmful incident. Whether the fault stems from improper design, manufacture, labeling or representations, our lawyers have the ability to defeat powerful opponents and manage litigation involving groups of plaintiffs.

Counselors deliver comprehensive legal support for brain injury victims

Pursuing damages in cases involving traumatic brain injury requires knowledgeable counsel from a seasoned Maryland litigator. There’s usually only one chance to secure a fair result, so we conduct a thorough review to assess the short- and long-term consequences of a blow to the head. In cases arising from car crashes, falls or other impacts to the skull area, we don’t accept just any offer but press for a verdict or settlement that delivers full reimbursement to victims.

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