Distracted Driving Accident (Plaintiff Side) Attorneys in Maryland Defend You in Court

Law firm providing assistance to those accused of causing a crash

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, you may find yourself accused of driving while distracted. If you are found to have caused the crash because you weren’t paying attention to the road, you may be liable for the medical bills and other damages suffered by those involved in the accident. Drivers involved in a car, motorcycle, truck or pedestrian-related accident need an attorney who will represent their interests. At Smouse & Mason, LLC, we defend drivers against civil suits alleging distracted driving.

The hazards of distracted driving

Many states regulate the use of cellphones and other electronic devices by drivers. This is because phone calls and text messages take a driver’s mind and eyes off the road. Any distraction can be enough to cause an accident. In addition to cellphones, other distractions include:

  • Passengers
  • GPS systems
  • Food and drink
  • Makeup
  • Car radios
  • CB radios

After an accident, our attorneys support you through the complicated legal process of defending against a personal injury lawsuit.

The role of expert witnesses

Our attorneys maintain a close professional relationship with top trauma doctors, chiropractors, forensics engineers, mechanics and collision reconstruction analysts and regularly consult these experts to present a strong defense in your personal injury suit. At trial these professional experts can deliver compelling testimony to help jurors understand the real cause of the accident as well as the true nature and extent of alleged injuries.

A strong defense in court and settlement negotiations

Consulting an attorney immediately following an auto accident is essential to the preservation of crucial evidence and witness testimony. While your insurance company may claim they will defend you, their interests may be different from yours. We represent your interests and work to defend you from liability.

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