Our attorneys seek justice for victims of contamination

Smouse & Mason, LLC represents individuals, cities, and associations in high-impact, high-value environmental cases. We combine decades of top-level litigation and trial experience with our dedication to holding polluters accountable for the damage they cause.

Our work arises out of our conviction to take on the biggest polluters. They should not be allowed to make everyone else pay for the damage caused by their pollution. Our team is dedicated to making a difference for our clients and the environment.

Examples of environmental claims

Climate Change – climate change is a global crisis with a myriad of local impacts, including ever-increasing destructive storms. Local taxpayers, governments, and businesses are forced to pay to mitigate these impacts. The fossil fuel industry has known for decades that their products would lead to this result. However, rather than taking responsible action or warning the public, the industry chose to deceive consumers about the impact of their products and the devastating consequences. On behalf of our clients, we seek to hold industry members accountable for that deceit.

Clean Water – clean water is a vital human resource that is too often jeopardized by the careless and callous actions of corporations.  The cost to clean those water supplies too often fall on local landowners and local communities whose water has been contaminated. We work with our clients to hold those who contaminate our water sources accountable.

Toxic Litter – toxic waste products have devastating and long-lasting impacts on local economies and unnecessarily expose individuals living and working in those communities to serious health risks. On behalf of our clients, we seek to hold those responsible for the contamination accountable in order to clean up the communities for all those who live, work, and raise families in these areas.

The discovery that your property has been contaminated with hazardous chemicals can be frightening and infuriating. At Smouse & Mason, LLC, we find the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

What can our environmental attorneys do for you?

As attorneys with experience in handling environmental cases, we understand both the science and the regulations that govern environmental contamination by harmful chemicals. We have access to a team of environmental scientists, medical professionals and investigators that work to prove the origin of the contamination. We win compensation on compensation for contamination of our clients’ property, loss of use and value of their property, and the impact these have on our clients’ health and wellbeing.

Knowledgeable Maryland environmental attorneys are ready to represent you

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